Thoughts on the iPad Pro

Some changes in how you work make the iPad Pro a great choice I was very happy to receive an iPad Pro for Christmas from Mrs. Claus.   I will skip a discussion of the iPad Pro’s limitations and comparisons to the Surface Pro – those have been generally well done all over the place […]


(Originally posted June 24, 2012 on my defunct Tulane blog “Texan at Tulane”) So I have been talking with colleagues about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – the buzzword trend of customers who have their own mobile device or such coming to campus.  Some of them want to control the customer through policy or dictate.  […]

Loving and Hating the Cloud

(originally published on my defunct Tulane blog, Texan at Tulane on January 01, 2012) So I have a love/hate relationship with the cloud. I love the potential. I hate the poor implementations. And when I say “poor” that means “doesn’t work the way I think it should work.” I am, as an N of 1, […]