I was listening to a sports podcast yesterday as we were out for our morning walk.  They were discussing how a formerly successful coach had failed to evolve with the times and was instead stuck trying to do things that had previously made them successful.  And that wasn’t working very well for them or for […]

On the urgency of AI

I’ve had a number of conversations of late about the future of IT and about the post-pandemic world. One theme keeps coming up, the way Artificial Intelligence is going to transform our work and lives. Oh sure, there’s some fear in those conversations. Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics often come up. I’m partial to Frank […]

Let’s get rid of the phones

  I’ve had the privilege to meet a lot of great leaders at a lot of universities.  Almost any conversation I have with them about technology includes a discussion about improving technology support. On the one hand, few of our IT disciplines are as well defined, structured, and documented as the Technology Service Desk.  A […]

Winners want the ball…

https://www.freeimages.com/photographer/supercolor-46009/ I love leadership maxims. I use them all the time. And anyone who knows me in real life can probably tell you about too many of them. But there are some maxims I don’t use as a leader to encourage my team, some are just reminders to me to drive forward. One of my […]

Business as Unusual: Governance and Leadership

As CIO’s, particularly in higher education, we are blessed to have a vibrant community with great interaction.  We meet at conferences, we get to be familiar with a lot of wonderful colleagues, and we form long-term relationships across our universities.  We have wonderful organizations such as Educause and Internet2 to be part of.  And, I think, we live a little bit in our own echo chamber. 

Business as Unusual: Financial Realities

Today’s CIO TO DO is to plan for the worst financial scenarios. Most of us are facing uncertainty in the fall. Our state appropriations will likely be lower. Some of our students will choose not to come back, some will not be able to afford to. So 3 things for us to do now: 1) […]