Business as Unusual: HR Policies

As a young manager, I used to say no one really left my department. I tried to give everyone a part-time assignment when they moved on to their next role. It was a slight manipulation of the HR system, but it allowed me to continue to have access to great talent who could help with […]

Business as Unusual: Today’s CIO To Do

I read an alarming article the other day. Inside Higher Ed ( published an a story describing how students are voicing concerns that they did not receive the value of their tuition when they were sent home. The article also discusses how some are talking about wanting refunds. I think most people, in the height […]

Clickbait Alarmism

I have seen a number of alarmist headlines about various security issues that mostly appear resolved. In one that I saw today, published last week, the article detailed a vulnerability and waited to the end to say that the problem had been fixed! That’s irresponsible in my view. By all means publish details and the […]

We are crossing the Rubicon

As I watch what is going on across higher education, I can’t help but think that this is a transformation moment. We are changing how education is delivered as we respond to the pandemic and these changes will not just go away and have everything return to normal. Every faculty member is going to be […]

Deal with Ambiguity but listen for nuance

People love bright, clear lines. And who can blame them? But that is a tactical world view. Strategy is different and it means living in a less defined world. But twice recently, I’ve had to deal with a slightly different issue – the idea that we have to listen for nuance as an alarm. People rarely are direct and […]