Clickbait Alarmism

I have seen a number of alarmist headlines about various security issues that mostly appear resolved. In one that I saw today, published last week, the article detailed a vulnerability and waited to the end to say that the problem had been fixed!

That’s irresponsible in my view. By all means publish details and the solution, but don’t imply in the headline that there is an active vulnerability when there isn’t.

The world is on edge enough. People without technical experience and context are having to use unfamiliar tools as lifelines to stay connected to work, family, friends and churches. Don’t scare them. Don’t write clickbait headlines about dangers that aren’t there. Most people have to use the tools that are made available – if their work is using Zoom, or their church is using Facebook, that’s what they have to use.

I have never seen technology vendors step up the way they have, at the scale they have. Certainly not all, but some have done truly fine work, been responsible and transparent about issues, and tried to serve. They deserve kudos not clickbait alarmism.

For those of us that are IT professionals, this is an opportunity to lead, to tell the truth on things that need to be addressed, but to also create calm and confidence where appropriate. #lead